Wildlife Damage Repairs

Both residential and commercial properties are often victims of nuisance wildlife damages. These animals will take advantage of some of the smallest openings, by chewing of entry points, rotted boards, and weathered or deteriorating building materials. Columbia's wildlife specialists provide a complete nuisance wildlife removal service, including professional repairs of all kinds of wildlife damage. We provide a complete top to bottom inspection for each property we service, from the rooftop to the foundation. This all-inclusive inspection will help us determine and identify all wildlife damages and the repairs that will be necessary to restore and improve the property’s value. 

Do It Yourself Repairs

Often times when people attempt or complete wildlife damage repairs themselves, the animal is still trapped inside or around the nesting area. In these situations, the animal usually dies inside the structure or creates even more damages as they try to exit or re-enter the nesting area. In most situations, in order to prevent further damage, the nuisance wildlife must be removed from the structure. It will end up being more expensive to repair all of the damages made by the animal when it is sealed up in your home after a do-it yourself repair than it would be to initially hire a wildlife damage repair professional. Attempting do-it yourself repairs also greatens the individual’s chance of coming in contact with diseases from the animal themselves or the waste they leave behind. 

Our Workmanship

We take pride in the work we perform. We will either restore your property to its original value, or improve upon the quality. All of our work follows local, state, and federal building codes. We do not take shortcuts to lower the cost of repairs. We have several competitors in the local wildlife control business, and we always encourage our clients to get multiple quotes. We may not always be the cheapest, but we make no effort to be the highest or lowest bidder. What we strive for is the highest quality workmanship and service possible for a reasonable rate. 

Hiring A General Contractor or Handyman

It might make sense to hire a general contractor or your regular handyman to perform wildlife damage repairs. While most general contractors and handymen do good work on typical household repairs, they lack the training and experience to identify wildlife entry and exit points on a structure. Our technicians are professionally trained and licensed to perform wildlife damage repairs. These technicians have gone through extensive training and certification to ensure all local, state, and federal building codes are followed. As Columbia's complete wildlife removal experts, we will not only restore the property, but also ensure wildlife cannot re-enter and cause more damage.  

Wildlife Waste Remediation

Wildlife waste remediation is an important part of the work that your wildlife professionals provide. It is important to us that your home and business is free from hazardous wildlife waste. Our waste remediation specialists will conduct the proper and safe disposal of contamination by wildlife waste. Our specialists are highly trained and will use special hepa-filtered vacuum systems to prevent harmful contaminates from spreading into any other spaces of your home or business.

A disinfectant will be applied to the area after our specialists have removed all contaminated materials, neutralizing odors associated with wildlife waste. Bats, birds, raccoons, squirrels and other animals can be infested by fleas, ticks, lice, mites and various other parasites. When the host animal is removed, the parasite may look for another host. This opens up the possibility of parasites spreading to human occupied spaces, potentially transmitting diseases to occupants. Our wildlife waste remediation specialists are professionally trained to identify these parasites and can assist with the necessary measures required keep them from spreading into any other spaces of the structure. 

Attic & Crawlspace Restoration

Insulation Replacement

The most cost-effective and immediate way to make your home more cost efficient, by cutting heating and cooling costs, is to add insulation. Applying new insulation to the sanitized attic, crawlspace or wall, after waste remediation has been completed, is the final step of the waste remediation process. This leaves the space clean and properly insulated. Loose-fill/blown-in insulation or batts insulation, usually made of fiberglass or cellulose, will be installed in your attic, crawlspace or wall by our certified specialists.  

Our wildlife professionals often find that homes have been under-insulated since the time of construction. Once an animal has occupied an attic or crawlspace for any length of time, the insulation will have been damaged and the animals will have left hazardous waste. Animals will remove insulation from large areas, matte the insulation with their feces, body oil and excrement, and destroy the insulation's thermal barrier or R-value. 

Benefits of Adding Insulation

It is important that a home is properly insulated. A well-insulated home reduces the amount of time the heating and cooling systems are required to run This decreases wear on the equipment, which also increases the life of the heating and cooling system. Adding insulation gives heating and cooling systems more effective control over the temperature, as it reduces the load on the equipment.

Doing your part to help reduce greenhouse gasses can be as simple as reducing power consumption by adding or replacing poor insulation. When you combine proper equipment maintenance and upgrades with recommended insulation, air sealing, and thermostat settings, you can cut your heating and cooling energy use and reduce environmental emissions by 20-50%!

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