Snake Removal

Snakes are found throughout South Carolina and often times they come into conflict with humans. There are many venomous and non-venomous snakes found in South Carolina neighborhoods. Snake removal and control is one of our most common nuisance wildlife services during the summer months. Like all cold-blooded animals, snakes become more active as the temperature increases. Most people are deathly afraid of snakes and want them gone whether they are venomous or not. If you suspect you have a snake in your house you should call our snake removal specialist immediately.  Our snake control specialists have the necessary training and skills to remove your nuisance snakes and complete the necessary habitat modifications and exclusion techniques stated above to keep snakes out of your home or yard.

Snake Control

If the presence of snakes is undesirable, removing their shelter by habitat modification is one of the most effective ways of discouraging them. Eliminating rock piles, brush piles, tall grass, etc., will cause snakes to seek a more suitable habitat. Lumber, wood piles and other debris around the home should be stored at least 18 inches off the ground. Controlling insect and rodent populations in the area also will help to discourage snakes by eliminating their food supply. Sometimes snakes enter houses, barns and other buildings. They are attracted by the presence of rodents or insects as well as by the cool, damp, dark areas of buildings. To keep snakes out of houses or other buildings, all points of entry must be sealed.  Snakes in or around your house should be removed immediately.

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