Beaver Removal

Our wildlife specialists have the extensive training and experience necessary for professional beaver removal and beaver damage management. Our beaver removal professionals offer both residential and large scale commercial beaver control, beaver trapping, beaver trapper services, and beaver damage management. We conduct an onsite inspection by request, consult with the landowner, and offer solutions to your beaver control issues. If you suspect you have a beaver problem you should call the beaver control specialists at 803.233.3355 to schedule and onsite inspection.

Beavers in South Carolina

The beaver is a 25 to 75 pound large aquatic rodent with a flat, scaly tail and webbed hind feet. Beavers feed on aquatic plants and the bark, leaves, and twigs of many trees and shrubs. As long as there is enough food and a permanent water supply, such as lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds or springs, beavers will be able to make a home. Beavers often build dams to flood these areas, so that they can obtain food and hide from predators. Many of the flooding and draining problems in South Carolina are a result of beavers.

Damages Caused By Beavers

Flooding caused by beaver dams can cause many problems such as damage to timber, agricultural crops, homes and other structures, roadways and ornamental plants. It is estimated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that beavers cause about $100 million in damage to public and private property annually.

Floodwater caused by beavers attempting to coexist with people can lead to significant damage to human homes and other structures. There are some cases in which subdivisions and neighborhoods have suffered from water damage. Appearance and structural problems are sometimes caused by beavers causing direct damage to wooden structure, such as decks, porches or dock, by gnawing on the wood. 

A significant, yet often overlooked, consequence of beaver dams is destruction and damage to South Carolina’s public roadways. Water drainage ditches on the edges of South Carolina’s roadways offer a good habitat for beavers. Dams can flood the road, and when the beaver dams are not properly removed, damage to the road itself by erosion. Beaver dams and the flooding they cause lead to roads being closed, bridges and culverts requiring replacement, and occasional car accidents. 

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