Squirrel Control

Removal or getting rid of nuisance squirrels and then performing exclusion or making your attics and buildings squirrel proof is a permanent solution to the problem, it does not harm the squirrels, and presents no legal difficulties. Squirrels usually gain entrance to attics and other structures from the roof, especially if tree limbs hang over the roofline. Removal of these overhanging limbs will also reduce access to your roofline. ​If you suspect you have a squirrel in your attic, in your walls, in sheds or utility building you should call our squirrel removal specialist immediately. Our squirrel removal specialists have the necessary training, licensing and skills to get rid of your nuisance squirrels, squirrel trapping, complete the necessary repairs and exclusion techniques stated above to keep squirrels out of your South Carolina home or business. 

Squirrels In South Carolina

Tree squirrels inhabit almost all parts of South Carolina. The Eastern Gray Squirrel and the flying squirrel are the most common squirrels found in South Carolina neighborhoods. Tree squirrels are interesting animals, but in urban and suburban areas they often become pest. Tree squirrels feed on a variety of material; nuts, fruit, seeds, berries, insects and bark make up the bulk of their diet. Nesting sites include tree cavities old woodpecker holes, leafy nests etc. However, If such places cannot be found, tree squirrels will construct nests in the attic of homes and businesses.

Squirrel Damage

Squirrels become pests and a nuisance in many ways. Noises in your attic or sounds of running or gnawing coming from the attic during the day often indicate the presence of squirrels whereas running, squealing and gnawing sounds at night generally indicate the presence of rats or raccoons in your attic. Squirrels can cause extensive damages to the insulation in the attic and walls, they also may gnaw and damage electrical wiring. In the U.S. approximately 30,000 house fires per year can be attributed to squirrels.  During winter, tree squirrels may damage trees and other ornamental plants by eating the bark off the limbs. Where squirrels are a problem, several things can be done to discourage them. 

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