AAAC Wildlife Removal of South Carolina is a complete wildlife removal company that offers professional removal and damage repairs for all kinds of wildlife. We provide professional services for the control of raccoons, squirrels, opossum, coyote, fox, and many more wild animals.

Each property we service is provided with a complete top to bottom inspection, from the rooftop to the foundation. This all-inclusive inspection helps us to determine and identify all wildlife entry points, damages, and the repairs that will be required to restore and improve the property’s overall value. Nuisance wildlife animals are usually very smart and will take advantage of any opening, by chewing of entry points, rotted boards, and weathered or deteriorating building materials. 

A solution to your wildlife issue often requires the removal of the problem pest animals. In most cases this process requires trapping of the nuisance animals. Our trapping procedures are always performed in a safe and discreet manner. 

To make your commercial property sanitary and secure, our wildlife damage repair team can remove and replace contaminated insulation, repair entry holes, cap chimneys, repair siding and many more damage repair services. AAAC Wildlife Removal of South Carolina is licensed, bonded and insured and our damage repairs are warranted.