Commercial Bird Control

Because we are trained and equipped professionals, AAAC Wildlife Removal of South Carolina is capable of handling all of your commercial bird control needs. Our company has been certified by many major bird control products manufacturers in the United States. Our technicians are trained to install bird netting, spikes, shock rack, repellents, and others bi control options. Whether your bird control problem small or large, you should give us a call today to see how we can come up with a way to restore your property’s value, as well as help to protect your employees and patrons.

Commercial Bird Control Services

The most common nuisance birds associated with commercial properties are pigeons, starlings, sparrows and geese. These birds’ feces and nesting materials can cause extensive damages to your property. Many birds are also possible carriers for over 60 diseases that are transmittable to humans and pets. As certified bird control specialists, we at AAAC Wildlife Removal of South Carolina are able to control the following problems:

  • Birds nesting
  • Birds in awnings
  • Birds in warehouses
  • Birds in buildings
  • Birds in signs
  • Birds damaging HVAC systems
  • Unwanted waterfowl – Ducks, geese, etc